Monday, 7 December 2015

A case of the "won'ts"

My child won't...
I hear this all the time. “My child won't eat vegetables.” “My child won't eat fruits.” “My child hates meat.” “My child won't wear dresses.” “My child won't...”
Yet when you dig a little deeper, you find out that dad never eats vegetables or fruit. Mum cannot stand the smell of meat being cooked and makes a face every time it's being prepared. 
How do you expect your child not to have any issues or quirks when you have so many?

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Face freeze

In London, you can feel the weather change. The wind picks up, the leaves change colour and you unpack all your winter clothes. A few weeks later your face has a permanent face freeze from the cold weather—the “chill factor” as it is most commonly called.
Ah, yes. The difference in temperature can be felt throughout your body all the way to your bones. You have this fake smile on your face, not because you are a snob or because you are a super happy person. You have this face because it is simply frozen that way. Once you enter a restaurant you slowly begin to melt and your face takes back its normal position. You can then start to peel off the mountains of clothes you have on, as the restaurant is so overheated you think you are in a sauna. Once you have feelings in your own fingers, you suddenly remember you have a child. You look down at this poor little innocent face that is now tomato red from being overheated.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The little things in life

Living in England for over 20 years you get used to “popping out” to the shops to get milk and whatever else you may need. You strap a child into the pram, the other on a scooter/ bike, whatever mode of transport was age-appropriate, and the whole trip takes an hour or two.
An hour or two, not because the shop is far away, but because it takes you 20 minutes to wrestle two children into coats, gloves, scarves and hats while you start to sweat. Oh and suddenly the left boot goes missing as if little elves stole them at night, because you are 100 per cent positive you put them both by the door yesterday.

To continue reading...

Friday, 24 July 2015

Journey to health

Journey to health started when my first child was ready for weaning. I thought it was my duty as a mother to feed him the best food for his little growing body.

I spent 7+ months (he arrive a little early) not drinking alcohol, stayed away from shellfish, peanuts, caffeine, raw eggs, anything raw including sushi and whatever else you shouldn’t eat while pregnant. So now I had to feed him, I should continue on the right journey right?

So I bought this little contraption which steams the veg/ fruit to the perfect nanosecond to keep the nutrients and did magic apparently. Everything was labelled beautifully and bless him he ate it all. Feeding was a little messy, but he love it. 

Yipee! I did it! I’m Supermum!

However, the real world makes it’s appearance, meeting friends who offer your baby a chip, chocolate and all the food you said you would not feed them before they are three. You smile and explain your healthy goal, they apologize, feed awkward and move on.

Right easy, friends understand your mission in life, they think you are bizarre, but still love you anyway. Then it happens, your mother, father and in-laws interfere, in my day we use to bla bla bla. You explain yourself again and it’s absolutely disregarded. They feed your child in secret and you have lost them to the dark side. Now it’s your turn to smile, feel awkward and move on.

Fast forward a few years, you move across the world to a new country, settle in (took many years) and finally have the confidence, courage and will power to start or continue the journey to health.

Supermum powers are back and restored! Apart from when the family comes for a visit and you turn a blind eye, actually you turn your whole head away and breathe. It’s not forever, they are here for a visit, they are leaving soon, breathe, breathe, BREATHE! 

Tuesday, 7 July 2015


You are walking down the street and you hear a sweet angel voice calling out "mama", you turn to see the cutest little girl running towards her mum, they are both smiling, she reaches out and grabs her mum's hand and they start walking away, onwards with their journey.
You think wow! How amazing I cannot wait to have a little child and walk down the street holding hands. This thought stays with you all day.

You then get pregnant, it's horrible, you hate every uncomfortable minute. You waddle and dream of the days you could walk properly like a human and not a duck. 
You do not glow, nope it's sweat and it never stops. It's snowing outside, yet you walk down the street in a t-shirt sweating while everyone thinks you are mad. You sleep half naked with the windows open, you look over at your husband who is wrapped up from head to toe in thick pyjamas, blankets and shivering. The only thought running through your head is, how on earth is he sleeping in this heat?

Other mums with new-borns look at you and smile, they know, they understand what you are going through. There is an unspoken vibe that says "you're not mad, you're pregnant, it's OK, you're nearly there". You give a smile back, but you secretly hate them for not being pregnant anymore.

The day comes you have your little miracle and you introduce yourself as "mama", you spend the next year saying mama to this child hoping that you will hear it back.
Then it happens as if by magic, your little mini me finally utters this magical word you have been waiting for! You scream for joy and you remember the little girl walking down the street calling out for her mama. Life is wonderful!

Fast forward five years and shivers run down your spine when you hear "mama", you are called every other minute for some random reason. 
You now think to yourself call daddy PLEASE!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

The waiting game

As I previous mentioned, we moved to a new country. Now in my head I was moving to the perfect new home which my husband found for us and I had only seen on WhatsApp. Now in my head it looked completely different than reality, but hey we are not bound here for life so for now it will do nicely.

I had to turn this house into a home, we had all the furniture any family needs as it was already furnished. I use the word furnished very loosely as we were kindly provided with a set of bright orange sofas which were great if you wore sunglasses all the time and were as comfortable as sitting on planks of wood. We knew we would be changing all the furniture. I say we, but really mean me. The big question was when! Again in my head I had redecorated the whole house in an hour, imagined where everything would go, where paintings would be hung and how the smell of freshly baked cookies would fill the air and we would all be living in perfect harmony. Cue the music!

Hahahaha, it was all in my head. The reality was I couldn’t go shopping around all the shops as I had no car, public transport is not an option and the taxi companies I would call would not show up at all as I had no clue where I lived or how to direct them. I lived in the desert, surrounded by dust, the kind that needs to be mopped and wiped five times a day and still you house is dusty. Uber did not exist yet! When I made my husband call the taxi company to come pick me up they took between 45 minutes to two hours. That’s not a great gap when you have to have two children to get ready.

My children learned the waiting game, they waited, I waited, we waited and waited and waited. We learned to wait for the taxi, we learned that the traffic lights take forever to turn green, we learned that our cargo takes forever to arrive and we learned that the day takes forever to end. We also waited for daddy to arrive home to relieve us from the boredom of the day. My greeting could have been, “oh darling! You are home, we made cookies for you and life is so wonderful”, instead it was “oh thank goodness you are home, please give them their bath because if I do it, I will drown them!”

After an eternity, my wait was finally over! We rented a car, our cargo arrived, I found a cute little nursery to take my two year old in for three mornings a week, my life could finally begin and we could start our new life! The waiting game was worth it as it made me appreciate all the little things in life…

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Scary little something

What a morning! I had arrived in our new home after an eight hour flight, no wait 10 hour flight (delays obviously) with two children one was five days short of her second birthday and the second was just four. They of course did not sleep even for five minutes! I had to take both kids with me to the tiniest airplane loos in the world as no one offered to mind one, I couldn't ask as I am supermum and supermums never ask for help, but if offered we would take it before your sentence was over.

So we landed safely, waited an eternity for security and bags, but it was all worth it because the children could once again be reunited with their dad, yipee!
However, the drama wasn't over, my little nearly two year old saw her daddy and ran as fast as her little legs could take her to hug, hold and kiss him again. Yes we all saw it coming like in slow motion and we couldn't stop her, the glass partitioning didn't open and she went crashing into the glass door. Oh the tears, the screams, but daddy was able to get to her and comfort his little baby.

We finally make it home, kids in bed and shortly after so am I due to pure exhaustion.

Morning comes, everyone is excited exploring our new home. Then it happened the most terrifying monstrosity I had ever seen!
It was huge, it was fast, it had legs, antennas, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a cockroach!

Wait a minute, I am supermum, I must protect my children from danger, but how? I was in a new place and had no defence, no strategy, apart from my slippers. I placed the kids away from danger and I move in for the kill, OK so I got it on my second try, but hey I did!

The rest of the day was spent playing, colouring and doing what children do.

Kids were finally in bed and that was my cue to go for a much needed shower. FINALLY I sighed when I feel the water spray all over my hair, I run my fingers through with a huge smile which immediately turns into disgust.

There was something in my hair! Something pointy! Something sticky! I couldn't scream as I would wake the kids, what do I do? Stay calm! Stay focused! You are supermum and just killed the mummy cockroach this morning, you can handle this, even if it's in your hair! Deep breath... Eyes closed I reach for this creature in my hair, I hold on to it, open my eyes and slowly open my hand to reveal a small glittery sticker.

A huge smile takes over my face and once again I have proven to myself that I can conquer the world!

Now the waiting game...

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Domestic Goddess

Here it is I'm not super healthy, I'm not unhealthy, I'm not the best mum in the world nor the worst. I'm definitely not the best at spelling or grammar so you are warned... But I'm the best at giving things a go.

My journey started when I got married and realised I could not cook to save my life. I could buy ready meals, heat them in the microwave or oven and lay them beautifully on a plate and serve.

There are so many meals you can heat up and it gets boring. So I started to cook and yes I did it! Pasta with olive oil was my masterpiece, it was easy, quick and tasty I thought, that is until the look on my husband's face and when he innocently ask where the sauce was.

I died! Literally died! I spend a good twenty minutes preparing this meal, I responded with, there is cheese and smiled.

This continued... My poor husband had to endure some interesting meals, his friends had to smile while eating my "delicious meals", as they say practice makes perfect.

By the end of my first year of marriage I was still heating meals, but I could actually cook some too and even make Christmas dinner including the turkey. I had become a domestic Goddess!

Now to conquer the scary little something...