Friday, 24 July 2015

Journey to health

Journey to health started when my first child was ready for weaning. I thought it was my duty as a mother to feed him the best food for his little growing body.

I spent 7+ months (he arrive a little early) not drinking alcohol, stayed away from shellfish, peanuts, caffeine, raw eggs, anything raw including sushi and whatever else you shouldn’t eat while pregnant. So now I had to feed him, I should continue on the right journey right?

So I bought this little contraption which steams the veg/ fruit to the perfect nanosecond to keep the nutrients and did magic apparently. Everything was labelled beautifully and bless him he ate it all. Feeding was a little messy, but he love it. 

Yipee! I did it! I’m Supermum!

However, the real world makes it’s appearance, meeting friends who offer your baby a chip, chocolate and all the food you said you would not feed them before they are three. You smile and explain your healthy goal, they apologize, feed awkward and move on.

Right easy, friends understand your mission in life, they think you are bizarre, but still love you anyway. Then it happens, your mother, father and in-laws interfere, in my day we use to bla bla bla. You explain yourself again and it’s absolutely disregarded. They feed your child in secret and you have lost them to the dark side. Now it’s your turn to smile, feel awkward and move on.

Fast forward a few years, you move across the world to a new country, settle in (took many years) and finally have the confidence, courage and will power to start or continue the journey to health.

Supermum powers are back and restored! Apart from when the family comes for a visit and you turn a blind eye, actually you turn your whole head away and breathe. It’s not forever, they are here for a visit, they are leaving soon, breathe, breathe, BREATHE! 

Tuesday, 7 July 2015


You are walking down the street and you hear a sweet angel voice calling out "mama", you turn to see the cutest little girl running towards her mum, they are both smiling, she reaches out and grabs her mum's hand and they start walking away, onwards with their journey.
You think wow! How amazing I cannot wait to have a little child and walk down the street holding hands. This thought stays with you all day.

You then get pregnant, it's horrible, you hate every uncomfortable minute. You waddle and dream of the days you could walk properly like a human and not a duck. 
You do not glow, nope it's sweat and it never stops. It's snowing outside, yet you walk down the street in a t-shirt sweating while everyone thinks you are mad. You sleep half naked with the windows open, you look over at your husband who is wrapped up from head to toe in thick pyjamas, blankets and shivering. The only thought running through your head is, how on earth is he sleeping in this heat?

Other mums with new-borns look at you and smile, they know, they understand what you are going through. There is an unspoken vibe that says "you're not mad, you're pregnant, it's OK, you're nearly there". You give a smile back, but you secretly hate them for not being pregnant anymore.

The day comes you have your little miracle and you introduce yourself as "mama", you spend the next year saying mama to this child hoping that you will hear it back.
Then it happens as if by magic, your little mini me finally utters this magical word you have been waiting for! You scream for joy and you remember the little girl walking down the street calling out for her mama. Life is wonderful!

Fast forward five years and shivers run down your spine when you hear "mama", you are called every other minute for some random reason. 
You now think to yourself call daddy PLEASE!