Saturday, 30 May 2015

Domestic Goddess

Here it is I'm not super healthy, I'm not unhealthy, I'm not the best mum in the world nor the worst. I'm definitely not the best at spelling or grammar so you are warned... But I'm the best at giving things a go.

My journey started when I got married and realised I could not cook to save my life. I could buy ready meals, heat them in the microwave or oven and lay them beautifully on a plate and serve.

There are so many meals you can heat up and it gets boring. So I started to cook and yes I did it! Pasta with olive oil was my masterpiece, it was easy, quick and tasty I thought, that is until the look on my husband's face and when he innocently ask where the sauce was.

I died! Literally died! I spend a good twenty minutes preparing this meal, I responded with, there is cheese and smiled.

This continued... My poor husband had to endure some interesting meals, his friends had to smile while eating my "delicious meals", as they say practice makes perfect.

By the end of my first year of marriage I was still heating meals, but I could actually cook some too and even make Christmas dinner including the turkey. I had become a domestic Goddess!

Now to conquer the scary little something...